Can you really spend your time, and
not your money?
Let's face it. Saturdays reign supreme for weddings. There is no
getting around that simple fact. Couples spend thousands of
dollars to make every detail just perfect. Venue, caterer, DJ,
reception, bar, and of course the Officiant. Not to mention the
family, friends, and other incidental expenses that everyone has
to pay.

And, until recently, weekday weddings were like
everybody has heard of them, but have you actually seen one?

Here at Weekday Weddings, we have noticed that more and
more couples are opting to keep their hard earned money, and
invest instead in a beautiful small service that carries the exact
same power as the larger bank account draining ceremonies do.

Venues can, and do, book their couples sometimes 1 - 2 years
in advance. How are you going to compete with that? A survey
of local area wedding venues show prices upwards of $13,000
for the modest weddings.
$13,000? Do you have that sort of
money just laying around?
Click the dollar sign

and find out how you can make your small, intimate,
wedding memorable and thrifty.
Weekday Weddings Texas!

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2018 Best of Weddings: Officiant
Weekday Weddings Texas is an OFFICIANT service that performs short,
intimate weddings
, Monday through Thursday with guests of less than 8 in
our garden wedding trellis. We provide an Officiant service only, we
do not
provide normal venue services, catering, bar access, or security. Our service
is for very small weddings or quick elopements at our home in North San