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Wedding Officiant for less $$$$
you focus on you, your life together, not your

we keep your expenses down to the minimum.
You pocket the savings.

small, intimate, weddings, with close friends.  

Feeling overwhelmed
with wedding day
expenses that never
All weddings M-Th
$100 at our home, or
$150 for your location
within 1
0 miles of our
Choose a Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, or
wedding and

Weekend weddings are
the rule, and they rule
your pocketbook.

Book your affordable
wedding date today with
Weekday Weddings of
Texas, and simplify your
life, and your wallet.
Weekday Weddings Texas!
Affordable weddings M-Th

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2018 Best of Weddings: Officiant
Weekday Weddings
Texas provides you
with an affordable,
highly qualified,
professional officiant.
The only legally
required portion of
your wedding!
Weekday Weddings Texas is an affordable OFFICIANT service that performs
short, intimate weddings,
Monday through Thursday, with guests of less
than 8 in our garden wedding trellis. We provide an affordable, Officiant
service only, we
do not provide normal venue services, catering, bar access,
or security. Our service is for very small weddings or quick elopements at our
home in North San Antonio.